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Why not treat yourself to a Wow Spa Experience while staying at one of luxury houses, our therapists can do a relaxing massage or facial to help you relax and unwind while in the comfort of your hen party house


If you’re booking a holiday in one of our large houses to rent, then you know what to expect. Luxury, tranquillity, serenity, and a chance to entirely switch off from the real world.

That last point is perhaps the most common. When people book our houses, they do so because they’re looking for a way to step away from the pressures of normal life. They want a way to unwind, to experience a dream, if only for a little while. Perhaps this is also why so many go the extra mile and opt for a unique, personalised spa experience.

This is one of the most popular activities amongst guests – a spa experience that eases away those pressures, allowing you to sink into another realm of comfort. Spa treatments are designed to make you feel fresh, relaxed, and rejuvenated. They are a luxury, for sure, but a needed luxury. In many ways, the perfect addition to your once-in-a-lifetime getaway.

Why Choose A Spa Experience?

So why would you choose a spa experience? Well, as mentioned before, a spa experience goes hand in hand with the reason you are booking a holiday house in the first place. They are perfect for people who are looking to take a step back and refamiliarise themselves with the important things in life. They are also perfect for those who are struggling physically, helping to destress the muscles, improve circulation and blood pressure, and even lose weight.

Also, on a very basic level, they are luxurious. If you are looking for a big house to rent in the UK or a party villa to rent outside of the country, then you are treating yourself to a bit of luxury. And there’s nothing wrong with that! Sometimes, all of us just want to be pampered, and a spa experience is the perfect pampering session, allowing you to put yourself first and prioritise comfort, relaxation and personal health over anything else.

What Are The Benefits Of A Spa Experience?

There are both physical and mental benefits to a spa experience. Firstly, as mentioned before, spa treatments can help you to de-stress entirely. A deep tissue massage, for instance, will not only help to relax your muscles but also release serotonin into your body and convert it into melatonin. This can then help the mind feel more at ease, controlling any symptoms of depression or anxiety by balancing hormones and enhancing a feeling of self-confidence.

In a physical sense, treatments like massotherapy can help to soothe pain in joints or bones, muscle aches, as well as stiffness. For those suffering from muscle tone or cramps, a spa experience can also be ideal to ease away those aches and rejuvenate the body. According to recent statistics, as many as 33% of Brits use a spa treatment at least once a year, with a good portion opting for deep tissue massages or speciality massages to relieve their physical pains.

7 Reasons To Add A Spa Day To Your Holiday Itinerary

When it comes to your holiday, there are a number of reasons to add a spa day and properly treat yourself in the way that you deserve. If you still need a little convincing, however, below you’ll find seven of the most essential reasons to add it to your itinerary:

● A Luxurious Spa Treatment Can Be The Cherry On Top Of Your Luxurious Holiday

● Spa Treatments Can Help You To Unwind, Relax, Meditate And Improve Your Self Esteem

● A Spa Day Could Be A Perfect Surprise If You Are Celebrating Somebody's Birthday

● If You Are Looking For A party house to rent, A Soothing Spa Experience Can Be The Perfect Remedy And Detox After A Night Of Celebrations!

● If You Are Planning On Going Out For A Special Occasion, Spa Treatments Such As Facials Or Glow Treatments Can Leave You With Healthy, Beautiful Looking Skin

● If You Are Struggling With Back, Shoulder Or Leg Pain, A Spa Day Can Help To Relieve Those Tensions And Help You Enjoy Your Getaway

● If You Are Struggling To Sleep, Spa Treatments Are Known To Cure Sleep Disorders, Clear Breathing And Strengthen The Respiratory System

Before you put the finishing touches on your holiday itinerary, we would suggest that you seriously consider all of the benefits of a spa experience and find a way to fit it into your schedule. WOW House accommodations are there for you to spend quality time connecting with your family and friends, but it is also important to spend time connecting with yourself.

If a spa treatment is something you are interested in, while staying at your country house to rent, please contact us at



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