WOW Clay Pigeon Shooting Experience

Have you ever wanted to experience Clay Pigeon Shooting? You can book a large country house to rent for a weekend and visit a local clay pigeon shooting school.

Clay Pigeon Shooting

Holidays, no matter where they might be, are always a good excuse to step out of your comfort zone. You’re in a new place, trying new things, so it becomes very easy to go one step further and try something you would never consider doing on an average day back home.

For people who have visited our big houses to rent, clay pigeon shooting is one of the most popular activities for this very reason.

If you were lazing around the house on a Sunday and someone suggested going out to shoot some clays, you would think they’ve gone mad. On holiday, however, it suddenly becomes a great idea to add something a little different to the whole experience.

It helps, too, that it’s great fun! Clay pigeon shooting is one of those experiences that you wish would last an entire day. Once you’ve shot your first clay, that’s it, you’ve got the bug, and you’ve got to keep going to see how many more you can get.

But in order for you to properly understand this, you have to book your clay pigeon shooting first and try it for yourself!

Why Go For Clay Pigeon Shooting?

So yes, the basic point is, why would you go for clay pigeon shooting over another activity? Well, clay pigeon shooting is all about skill, excitement and competition. It is a group event, but it’s also about the individual, with everyone learning at their own pace and trying their best to one-up themselves as well as the people around them.

The competition is great fun, too. No one will understand this unless they’ve done clay pigeon shooting themselves, but there’s something so much more competitive about a clay pigeon shoot than, say, for instance, a round of bowling or snooker. People want to be good at it, and this leads to some thrilling – and oftentimes – hilarious rivalries during the session.

It’s also a great way to get out and enjoy the scenery, taking in the landscape around you without actually tampering with it – emphasis on clay pigeons. Once you’ve found the perfect large house to rent, you want to find a reason to take advantage of every aspect of the location; and clay pigeon shooting is another brilliant way to do that.

What To Expect From Your Clay Pigeon Shoot?

When it comes to what you should expect, it’s really very simple. You will have one – or several – experts on hand to get you started. They will provide the rifles and give a full safety briefing before you begin.

When clay pigeon shooting, they will always be at your side, letting you know exactly what to do and how to operate the rifle. In terms of the actual shooting process itself, they will also watch your stance and let you know exactly where you’re going wrong – or right – which will subsequently help you improve and hit more clays.

You, as a group, will also have a say in how the session goes. If you just want to try it out and hit as many clays as possible, that’s fine. If you want to have a little competition or pit one half of the group against the other, that’s also entirely up to you. The experts are simply there to ensure you have a great time while also ensuring that everything is run safely and smoothly.

7 Tips For Clay Pigeon Shooting

If this sounds like something that you would love to do, but you want to know a bit more about the actual process of the activity, then you’re in luck. Below are seven tips that will ensure you have a great time and bring your A-game:

● Before You Take A Shot, Determine Where You’re Going To Fire And Stick To It

● After The Clay Is Released, Keep Your Eye On It At All Times

● Don’t Move Your Feet And Only Move Your Upper Body After Spotting The Target

● Don’t Rush!

● Keep Your Body Relaxed, And Remember Your Position

● Don’t Let The Heckles Get To You!

● Keep Believing In Yourself

If you follow these tips, you’re already halfway there to a successful and enjoyable clay pigeon shoot. But as we said before, you have to book it first. Find our list of clay pigeon shooting options around the UK in our selection of luxury hoses to rent

 Please contact us at and we can organise you WOW Clay Pigeon Shooting Experience.



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