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Why not book a Wow Catering experience with our chefs will cook you a wonderful meal and can arrange anything from pre-dinner drinks to canapés, while staying in your large holiday home 


Whether it’s a trio of bruschetta, a chicken liver parfait, or a vegan-friendly stuffed aubergine, food provided by professional caterers just hits differently. It is, in nearly every respect, a Michelin-starred restaurant experience served within the comfort of your own home.

We say “your own home” because, for the time that you’re utilising our large houses to rent the house itself is entirely yours. The floorboards are yours, the swimming pool is yours, the gardens, the tennis courts, the scenery. Everything and anything that your house has, it all belongs to you.

So why would you ever want to leave? Even if you are in a villa in Tuscany, and a beautiful five-star restaurant lies just outside your door, you’ve got your very own restaurant in the form of your dining room. Even better? Our caterers are primed to give the table the luxurious spread that it deserves…

Why Choose Catering?

So why would you choose catering? Well, for starters, the experience. Rather than a chef cooking for hundreds of people on one given night, you will have multiple chefs cooking for just you and your gathering. It’s personal. Quaint. Luxurious. The food is fresh and beautiful, with a multitude of meat and vegan options that you and your guests can choose at your own leisure.

Convenience is another reason. If you are gathered with several family members, or you're choosing a party house to rent for a stag night, then finding somewhere to cater for a large group of people can be difficult. When it comes to catering, the chefs come to you. You are in the comfort of your own home, your own space, and you can be assured that everyone will be catered for.

Hiring caterers is also about preserving the time that you have on your holiday, especially if you were planning on preparing and cooking the food yourself. When you’re in one of our big houses to rent in France, for instance, the last thing you want to be doing is scurrying around in a kitchen trying to work out the best way to cook snails. By hiring one of our professional catering companies, you can put the time back into actually enjoying the experience, engaging with your group, and simply enjoying the wonderful food when it is placed in front of you.

What To Expect From Our Caterers

So what should you expect if you hire a catering company? Once again, the benefit of a catering company is that they can work for you. In this way, they can help you plan the menu, accommodate the different requirements of your guests, and then find the best and freshest ingredients to make the meals perfect.

You can also expect variety. If you were to cook yourself, it’s very likely that you would choose one dish and maybe a vegetarian option on the side. Caterers will give you a range of options, they will work around any allergies, and serve speciality items you might request while also suggesting the most popular food in the area to make the experience as authentic as possible.

Speaking of which, you can expect quality. Simply quality. Our caterers have spent years perfecting their craft and ensuring the dining experience is an experience to remember. It is not just the ingredients that are fresh, it is the way they are put together, and the care that goes into them. That’s what makes the catering experience so special.

7 Tips For Planning An At-Home Do

If this all sounds pretty good – and let’s be honest, it does, doesn't it? – then there are certain things you will need to put in motion before putting on the home-do. With this in mind, here are 7 quick and simple tips to remember and think about to make the whole event as perfect as you want it to be:

● Engage With Your Caterers And Set Down The Perfect Menu

● Take The Time To Communicate With Your Group And Work Out Dietary Requirements

● Think About Your Venue And The Practicalities Of The Party

● Make Sure The Kitchen Is Tidy And Ready For The Caterers Before They Arrive

● Talk To Your Caterers About The Best Times To Bring Out Each Dish

● Give Your Caterers Plenty Of Space To Work And Prepare

● Get Into The Party And Enjoy Yourself!

The catering experience is all about having fun, eating delicious food, and making memories that will last a lifetime. If you would like to book a WOW House caterer, then find our list of options below and click here to get started

You can choose a property that sleeps from 5 up to 40 people and most come with that added Wow Factor such as hot tubs, swimming pools and games rooms – not to mention beautiful gardens and some amazing views. Please contact our team on and we’ll get back to you.



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